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Father Costantino Ruggeri, born in Adro (Brescia) in 1925, performs the classical studies in the Franciscan convents of Saiano and Sabbioncello and those theological in the convent of Busto Arsizio, where he carries out a cycle of frescoes. In 1951 he is ordained a priest in the Duomo of Milan by Cardinal Schuster and of the same year is his first exhibition of painting at the gallery's. Fedele ' in Milan presented by Mario Sironi.
In 1954 he received the 1st prize of Painting's. Fedele ' and the 3rd prize ' Marzotto '.
From 1958 to 1962 he attended the Accademia di Brera and graduated in sculpture with a thesis on the Christian epigraphical symbols of the catacombs. He cultivates meetings with artists and architects: Fontana, Dova, Capogrossi, Crippa, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto.
In 1959 he establishes his art studio in the Convent of Canepanova in Pavia, where he continues in the work of painter and sculptor and dedicates himself to the study of the sacred space with the project of chapels and the search for new forms for the furnishing and the sacred furnishings As well as the sacred vestments and stained-glass art in blown old-steel bonded lead.
He collaborates with some Italian architects, including Figini and Pollini, Giò Ponti, Gardella, Castiglioni, Vaccaro, Gresleri, Trebbi and Nervi, for the construction of new churches and, passionate about the theme, he faces, together with the architect Luigi Leoni, the realization of Own projects of sacred architecture.
of 1977 is the first church of St. Mary of Joy in Varese.
in 1986 he is in charge of the work at the Cathedral Chapel in Milan, realizing all the elements of the new liturgical space.
in 1987 He was commissioned to build the new sanctuary of the Madonna of the divine Love in Rome, consecrated on July 4, 1999 by Pope John Paul II.
in 1993 he designs, for the city of Yamaguchi in Japan, the new shrine of St. Francis Xavier, inaugurated on April 29, 1998.
since 1993 promotes, thanks to the Foundation Frate Sole Created by him, the enhancement of sacred art by establishing the four-year award ' Frate Sole '.
At the end of 2006 is consecrated in Bethlehem the new chapel of Theotokos next to the sanctuary of the milk Cave of which the restoration is carried out.
On June 24, 2007, in Adro, his country of origin, he inaugurated his last sculptural work depicting the ' face of Franciacorta '.
On June 25, 2007, father Costantino It goes off at the hospital of Merate, near the convent of Sabbioncello, where it spent its last weeks of life.

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